Tag: Cooperation

The great waterfall

Interactive exhibit about physical cooperation in the achievement of a common goal. The aim is to leave the waterfall and reach the beach. The more efficiently the team rows, the more it gets further away from the waterfall and close to the beach. After two minutes, if a team is closer to the beach than […]

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Atlat and the mysterious hieroglyphics

Interactive exhibit about the ability on how to best organize and exploit the team resources. The game aim is to wake up Atlat using the light. The central altar is a weighing scale responding to the players weight: when they step down, they lose points whereas to gain points, they must simultaneously light up two […]

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Survival: Cooperation for survival

The target of the installations is to enable visitors to experiment some aspects of cooperation as a means of survival, and linked to the individuals’ ability to enact, inter-dependant actions aiming to create – among the team members – the bond that facilitates reciprocal trust for the solution of a task that allows the achievement […]

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