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Wesen - our method

" Most of the museum work consists in contextualize the collections items to the visitors’ benefit. To this effect,
narration is the most functional technique… the context designation is an essential part of the persuading process for people to appreciate the experience they encounter.”

Bran Ferren (Walt Disney Imagineering, Research and Development vice director)

Phase 1) Analysis and research
- Bibliographic research
- Nomination of the scientific
- Assessment of collection scope
- Interviews with the regional actors
  interested in the museum
- Analysis of the museum potential
  catchment’s area
- Study and research of similar
  European realities.

Phase 2) Synthesis
- Mission description
- Identification of medium to long term

Phase 3) Project actions
- Installations’ concept
- Preparation of working designs
- Works management

Wesen - mission

The harmonic, coherent and consistent use of different communication channels transforms the visitor in an active actor, able to select and actively contribute to the experience, therefore reinforcing the message impact and rendering more likely to accomplish a successful communication.

This approach enables people to come close to the contents that the museum wants to convey using different instruments such as:
- intervention in the simulation of a phenomenon;
- testing one’s own abilities challenging oneself and others;
- observation of an object from an unusual viewpoint;
- feeling the emotions of a stage set.

Wesen - our method

Therefore, conveying knowledge becomes a journey rich in challenges for the visitor’s body and mind; the final outcome is a more efficient museum structure, capable of cataloguing and protect its works as well as to address a wide public on every topic.

Our projects offer our clients an instrument to renew pre-existing museum structures, enhance the collections with temporary exhibitions, promote public archives and private collections and hold training activities.

Wesen - our method
Wesen - our method

The Wesen Studio avails itself with anthropological, architectural and engineering specific expertise required for the design of every part of a museum: from the definition of long-term targets to the scientific committee’s coordinating activity, from the spatial concept to their factual construction and to promotional activities.

We take care of every detail, including the design of the hardware and software required for the management of installations, to machinery engineering, graphics and to the most suitable lighting systems.