Conducive environment on gender equality at ITC/ILO

Activity: investigation to design a new profile for the Centre human resources, able to consider the characteristics related to the personnel’s type and requirements when conciliating work and working life. The project sets the drawing up of a questionnaire, the statistical elaboration of the questionnaire data, targeted-interviews and activities in person.

Year: 2003

Subjects: ITC/ILO

Politics and strategies for time reconciliation. Examples of good practices in France, Germany and Sweden.

Compilation of the project conclusive report: Gender Competency Project To improve the Equal Participation of women and men into family and working life

Activity: collection of good practices about time reconciliation and preparation of a closing report, inclusive of a comparative scenario of German, French and Swedish realities.

Year: 2003

Subjects: Equal, ITC/ILO, Bolzano Province

Keeping the pace. Women’s lives and experiences within the Equal Opportunities

A monographic publication within the project “Aspasia. Enhance the culture of equality within institutions, the workplace and training.”

Activity: collection and emphasizing of key witnesses experiences and of other subjects active in the Equal Opportunities field. The process develops through various methodologies: the design of a questionnaire and its data elaboration, activities in person, targeted interviews. The outcome of the concluding analysis was a monographic publication, highlighting the lore of experiences of the men and women who actively contributed to rise equality in Piedmont.

Year: 2002

Subjects: European Union, FSE, Ministry of Work and Social Politics, Piedmont Region, Council of regional Equality and Equality Councils Network, ITC/ ILO