Survival: Cooperation for survival

The target of the installations is to enable visitors to experiment some aspects of cooperation as a means of survival, and linked to the individuals’ ability to enact, inter-dependant actions aiming to create – among the team members – the bond that facilitates reciprocal trust for the solution of a task that allows the achievement […]

Survival: Nutrition

Interactive installation about survival problematic in harsh environments; in environments requiring creativity, concentration and decisional ability among various, possible strategies.

Tv Wizards

“Divination” games designed for “self-prediction”; in other words to interpret a sign without the help of a oracle/wizard, etc. Objective: to introduce some of the divination arts from a historic and symbolic viewpoint, using the “divination game” form, to supply a series of information on its incorrect applications. In cooperation with Cicap.

Tune the cities

The type of social and geographic environment where a person develops influences the creation of habits and traditions. Aim of the installation: to compare the Piedmont and Bahia sounds. A series of sounds and parallel environments are presented: nature, cities, religion, markets, sport, literature, carnival, tropical forests and Alpine wood, ocean, river, soccer stadiums and…Amado […]


The target of this installation is to put the visitor to the side of “social actors”: children, disabled people, etc. who hold a daily fight to adjust to an environment that was not designed for their requirements. Such effort has physical and psychological implications that this installation aims to make experience, while simultaneously reporting from […]

Museum of Mechanics and bearings in Villar Perosa

Guidelines to the project for the Museum of Mechanics and bearings in Villar Perosa

The human body

A project for the creation of a scientific permanent museum/temporary exhibition, with the theme: the human body. Heartbeat Cell Heart Skin Muscles Sense of smell Bones

Riva di Pinerolo Water Museum

A project for an interactive museum with the theme: the relationship between Water and the Region.

The Museum of Tastes in Frossasco

A project for the widening of the Museum of Tastes in Frossasco. Test your senses The calories The harvest