museum planning
interactive installations design
oral sources collection and archiving

Our core business is designing museums and planning installations
in each single phase:

content analysis and organization of materials

strategic analysis of targets, goals and methods

multimedia and technological solutions analysis for interactivity

communication and dissemination strategies

Interactive installations

Our approach to interactive exhibitions is based on the visitors' physical experience and is aimed at transforming the learning process into a challenging adventure, both for body and mind.

Educational tools

We develop the best learning tools for each target: video tutorial, technological devices, board games, participatory workshops etc.


Scenery is accurately designed to impress and inspire visitors through forms, colours and sounds.


The best graphic for each exhibition!


We have been working very much on the video language and we are able to develop video documentaries, reportage, short animation movies etc.


We can provide institutions with innovative solutions to renovate museum, improve collections and temporary exhibitions, enhance public fruition, promote private collections and public archives and organize training activities.


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