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The target of this installation is to put the visitor to the side of “social actors”: children, disabled people, etc. who hold a daily fight to adjust to an environment that was not designed for their requirements. Such effort has physical and psychological implications that this installation aims to make experience, while simultaneously reporting from […]

Social analysis and pubblications

Conducive environment on gender equality at ITC/ILO, Politics and strategies for time reconciliation. Examples of good practices in France, Germany and Sweden, Keeping the pace. Women’s lives and experiences within the Equal Opportunities

Ethnographic museum in Pinerolo

A project for the re-organization of the Pinerolo Ethnographic Museum. Spring room   Passages and the mine   The kitchen  

Museum of Mechanics and bearings in Villar Perosa

Guidelines to the project for the Museum of Mechanics and bearings in Villar Perosa

The human body

A project for the creation of a scientific permanent museum/temporary exhibition, with the theme: the human body. Heartbeat Cell Heart Skin Muscles Sense of smell Bones

Riva di Pinerolo Water Museum

A project for an interactive museum with the theme: the relationship between Water and the Region.

The Museum of Tastes in Frossasco

A project for the widening of the Museum of Tastes in Frossasco. Test your senses The calories The harvest

Various memories

Three generations at the Italian-Slovenian border remember the XX century At the main Post Office in Trieste, an exhibition about the role of historic memory and its changes with different generations; inter-ethnic relationships in the regions traditionally mixed and across the Italian-Slovenian border.

Etnographic research – Documentaries

Memorie diverse. Storie di frontiera. Italiani e sloveni a Trieste (Various memories. Frontier stories. Italians and Slovenians in Trieste) II Inter-regional Italia Slovenia VHS Memorie diverse Betacam 27 min color Torino Casablanca. Casablanca Torino. Cioè l’avventura. Video lettera. (Turin-Casablanca. Casablanca-Turin, this IS adventure! A video-letter) Documentario sui festeggiamenti del Ramadan a Torino e a Casablanca. […]