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The fountain

The original concept is to ideally reunite two distant cities, representing shared situations, yet preserving each one’s identity. The lead threads among the elements of: WATER (the fountain) as is in the rivers of the two cities; EARTH, representations of Turin and Salvador; AIR, the wind moving the suspended images representing the faces of people […]

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Sound station for the mixing of sounds and images of two cities: Turin and Bahia. Six couples of soundscapes (from landscape): in this case a sound landscape is composed by two recordings in two similar locations, one in Bahia and one in Piedmont, accompanying the visitor along a path though the hills. Each station is […]

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Tune the cities

The type of social and geographic environment where a person develops influences the creation of habits and traditions. Aim of the installation: to compare the Piedmont and Bahia sounds. A series of sounds and parallel environments are presented: nature, cities, religion, markets, sport, literature, carnival, tropical forests and Alpine wood, ocean, river, soccer stadiums and…Amado […]

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