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Various memories

Three generations at the Italian-Slovenian border remember the XX century At the main Post Office in Trieste, an exhibition about the role of historic memory and its changes with different generations; inter-ethnic relationships in the regions traditionally mixed and across the Italian-Slovenian border.

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Etnographic research – Documentaries

Memorie diverse. Storie di frontiera. Italiani e sloveni a Trieste (Various memories. Frontier stories. Italians and Slovenians in Trieste) II Inter-regional Italia Slovenia VHS Memorie diverse Betacam 27 min color Torino Casablanca. Casablanca Torino. Cioè l’avventura. Video lettera. (Turin-Casablanca. Casablanca-Turin, this IS adventure! A video-letter) Documentario sui festeggiamenti del Ramadan a Torino e a Casablanca. […]

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A farmer’s realm.

Memories of men and women living in the Piedmont valley before WWII In cooperation with the Piedmont Region, CRT Foundation, the Turin Province.

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