Tag: Hydrogen

H like hydrogen

Audio video installation about hydrogen. A giant, H-shaped, polycarbonate structure, lit from the ground; its middle strip houses 8 headphones, each broadcasting a different audio message. Four of them are to be connected to a monitor displaying video clips from the RAI archives.

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Who benefits the most?

A comparison among various parameters (yield, financial cost, environmental cost) of various vectors: hydrogen, compressed air and the battery. The installation structure includes 3 corridors reaching a model representing a city with various, movable bus-models. Each corridor represents a selection: battery, compressed air, hydrogen. The costs: yield, environmental cost, financial cost are represented by a […]

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In balance on the world

Interactive installation: how is hydrogen actually produced. In the middle, there is a springboard on which the world is reproduced: a metal structure supporting two monitors and two keyboards and a sliding rail for the two monitors. Around the springboard, there are three, polycarbonate frames with a series of audio/video graphics depicting the path of […]

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