This activity is an experiment about the muscles’ lactic acid production in certain stress conditions. In this installation, the two teams will compare their capability to withstand dynamic efforts.

The installation consists of two baskets with a lid and by 8 small pumps that 2 players per team must use to give pressure adequate to keep the lids open. Moreover the installation is equipped with a number of small balls conveyed to their launch position.

The aim of this activity is to place the highest number of balls into one’s basket. Two players per team will continuously activate the pumps while the third member of the team will attempt to place as many balls as possible into the basket while the lid is open.

As the constant action of the pumps requires the work of a series of thin muscles that are seldom used, this activity will result in a quick production of lactic acid, so much so that it will shortly impede activating the pumps any further. Having interested the thin muscles, the lactic acid will be quickly eliminated from the body, with no relevant consequences.