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Prêt-à-cliché: from the exhibition to the kit

Prêt-à-cliche is a project realized in 2006 by the Wesen Institute; the initiative has seen the installation of a great interactive exhibition in Turin and in some Piedmontese provinces. The whole exhibit is now available as a virtual visit that proposes the entire exhibit and widens the possibility of fruition. Several material are added in […]

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Let’s cut out stereotypes’ threads: Training kit

The kit analyzes the relationship between social communication and gender equality and it’s dedicated to teachers and trainig agencies; the kit provides them with different materials and suggest the use of different languages. Videoclip, tv campaign, social communication tools and work fiche are meant to stimulate students’ participation. Through the use of an interactive methodology, […]

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Let’s cut out stereotypes’ threads

Within the project “How to communicate gender equality” (City Council of Turin, Assessorato Pari Opportunity 2007) the Wesen Institute has realized a training kit for teachers and an exhibition dedicated to student’s works on equal opportunites.

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In the main hall of Porta Nuova, Turin station, a new exhibition on contemporary people’s rights: a sensorial journey to the discovery of the stereotypes that have influenced one hundred years of Italian history.

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